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Let's see, how would I describe my work? I feel that my paintings are expressive, fanciful, perfectly imperfect, and true—conversations of courage, self-dialogue, and much curiosity help guide my process. While creating, I prefer to go with the flow and use various materials- mostly acrylic, sometimes oil, encaustic, and plaster. I fancy all things vintage and enjoy incorporating vintage materials into my work. These items with a past help me to intertwine feminine energy and a feminine flow, always. 

I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida, and experienced art school at SCAD in Savannah, GA; what a blast! Today, I live in California and teach/support students with exceptionalities. I often make it down to the gulf coast in the summertime to water my roots, visit family, and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico. 


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by! 








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